Our Staff

Becky Macdonald, Principal

 photo not available

Sara Marshall, Vice-Principal / Student Support Teacher

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 S. Marshall
 Lori Bryson, Kindergarten

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MsBrysonLDSB
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 L. Bryson
 Margaret Chung, grade 7/8

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chungma_LDSB
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  M. Chung
Melanie Cronk-Reid, grade 5/6

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cronkreidm_LDSB
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 M. Cronk-Reid
 Jaden Diminno, Rotary Teacher J. Diminno 
 Michelle Dippel, Educational Assistant M. Dippel 
Bruce Emmerton, French

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SYD_French_LDSB
Monsieur's website
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 B. Emmerton
Erin Gray, Kindergarten ECE

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SYDkinders_LDSB
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 E. Gray
 Brittany Lazar, grade 2/3 (afternoons) B Lazar 
 Brooke MacKinnon grade 2/3 (afternoons)
(on leave)
photo not available 
Sarah McCourt, grade 1/2

Twitter: https://twitter.com/McCourt45
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 S. McCourt
Nicole Onyskiw, grade 4/5
Empower Program Teacher

[email protected]stone.on.ca 
 N. Onyskiw
 Stephanie Pharoah, grade 2/3 (mornings) photo not available 
 Sue Russell, Yard Supervisor  S. Russell
 Sara Ruta, School to Community  Ms. Ruta
 Manosi Saha, grade 4/5
Social studies and science
M. Saha 
 Karen Thompson, Office Coordinator K. Thompson 
Cathy Warren, Educational Assistant

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SYD_books_LDSB
 C. Warren
Robin Walker, Educational Assistant  R. Walker 
 Keith Webster, Head Custodian
 K. Webster

J. Lawless, Principal  Lawless

S. Marshall, Vice-Principal / Student Support Teacher
 Mrs. Marshall
 M. Chung, grade 7/8   Chung
M. Cronk-Reid, grade 5/6  Cronk
B. Emmerton, French  Emmerton
 J. Gatto, Evening Caretaker  J. Gatton
E. Gray, Kindergarten ECE  Gray
I. Kuipers, Educational Assistant  Ms. Kuipers
K. Lamarche, grade 2/3  Lamarche
S. McCourt, grade 1/2  McCourt
G. McLaughlin, Head Caretaker  McLaughlin
 S. Moore, Music Instructor  Moore
A. Rankine, grade 4/5  A. Rankine
H. Reichstein, Office Coordinator  Reichstein
 S. Ruta, School to Community  Ms. Ruta
T. Sparks, Kindergarten  Sparks
C. Warren, Educational Assistant  Warren