About Us

Image of exterior of Sydenham Public School.Welcome to Sydenham Public School, nestled close to Kingston's downtown, Queen's University and beautiful Lake Ontario. Our school is one of Ontario's oldest continuing schools first opened in 1853 as Kingston County Grammar School. Our school is an intimate and vibrant community of students, staff, families, and an active and supportive Parent Council. We host students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 including a core French program which begins in Grade 1.

J. Lawless, Principal  Lawless
C. Skinner, Vice-Principal / Student Support Teacher  Skinner
 J. Carr, Kindergarten  placeholder
 M. Chung   Chung
M. Cronk-Reid  Cronk
B. Emmerton, French  Emmerton
E. Gray, Kindergarten ECE  Gray
M. Hartin, Evening Caretaker  Hartin
I. Kuipers, Educational Assistant  placeholder
K. Lamarche  Lamarche
S. McCourt  McCourt
G. McLaughlin, Head Caretaker  McLaughlin
 S. Moore, Music Instructor  Moore
A. Rankine  placeholder
H. Reichstein, Office Coordinator  Reichstein
T. Sparks, Kindergarten (on leave)  Sparks
C. Warren, Educational Assistant  Warren