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Ms. Warren / Sydenham Library
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Hello, my name is Ms Warren.  You have probably seen me around the school in many places.  I do like to be in the library but you can also find me in the Kindergarten room, Ms. Lamarche's room and out on the playground at lunch.  We have a lot of fantastic books in our library and I am looking forward to seeing everyone in there.  So please come and check out your favourite books.

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May's picks!
Nathan, in SK, likes Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.  "It is funny because they are eating in the rain and on a boat.  The beginning is funny because Sam I Am brings the green eggs and ham in on a big plate. I like the ending because they are eating it in the water and he likes green eggs and ham!"
Isabel, in Grade 3, likes Pie by Sarah Weeks.  "In the begininng the book gives you recipes on how to make different pies.  Throughout Pie it tells you how Polly became a great baker.  It is a mystery too because they don't know who will take over the pie shop from Polly.  Also whoever takes over the pie shop is going to get the cat, Lardo, to help them."
Brigid, in Grade 5, like the Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer.  Her favourite book in the series is book 3 "A Grimm Warning"  "I love all the books because they are so full of action and adventure but at the same time they are also fantasy.  They make you think about the fairy tale characters both before and after their stories.  Every book makes want to read more because there are so many thoughts in your mind after each chapter and the end of each book."

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